Brislington Laundry Service Wash
Brislington Laundry Service Wash

Service wash, Drying and Folding

Whether you’re a busy career professional, a parent trying to juggle the demands of work and children, dislike or cannot find time then make life easier. Why not drop off your laundry at Brislington Laundry and we’ll wash, dry and fold it for you.

Bring along your everyday clothes, such as Jeans, Shorts, T-shirts, Gym kits, Tops, Pyjamas and Towels, include household textiles like Bed Linen, Blankets, and check out our service wash facility. Our ‘value for money’ service wash can make your day!


Duvet Service

Do you change your Duvets to suit the seasons and want to put them away fresh and clean; cannot face washing it yourself, your washing machine not big enough, we here at Brislington Laundry will clean it for you.

We recommend regular washing and cleaning every 6 months to keep Duvets clean, fresh and allergy free. However, as many people alternate a ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ Duvet, barring accidents all that is required is an annual launder.
We also cater for Throws and Sleeping Bags.